Welcome to Legendary Custom Apparel & Brand Management. We constantly strive to be the best custom apparel company in the area. With our automatic equipment, and top notch employees, we are able to produce consistent quality with impeccable customer service at an affordable price. Delivering above customer expectations each and every time.

From our top of the line, cutting edge automatic equipment, to the heart of our operation, our team, we bring our best to the table each and every day. Our dedication to our craft, and to our customers is unmatched, and our attention to detail unparalleled.

We are premium quality. Everything that leaves our production facility has been thoroughly checked for quality and consistency. Contact us today to take your company, brand, or team to the next level with our premium promotional products!

our services

Full color custom apparel & Promotional items

Our new “better than screen printing” direct to film process uses specialized inks developed for long lasting prints that are printed directly on transfer film and cured onto the garment of your choice. This lasts longer than screen printing AND can have as many colors as you want for one price. Affordable full color prints are now a reality! The feel of them is amazingly soft too! No minimum order!

traditional screen printing

Need bulk printed custom apparel? Screen printing is still the tried and true best bang for your buck on 1-6 color high volume print run. We will run any job over 50pc screen printed on request, but we really recommend any job under 250pcs to be our DTF process. It really is the superior product, but if you have your heart set on screen printing we’ve got you covered!


 Looking for high quality embroidery? Look no further! We can embroider designs up to 15 colors and make your logo or design pop! Whether you are looking for hats, apparel, or other embroidered goods we can get your team outfitted and looking their best!

custom websites & e-commerce stores

 Always wanted to start a clothing brand but never knew where to start? We’ve been there. We can design you a fully custom website complete with a Shopify e-commerce store for your brand. We can also link e-commerce stores to existing websites. We can fill your store with existing stock, preprinted stock, or we can set your store up with our “on demand products” which means you don’t have to pay for product stock until it sells!

fulfillment services

Our e-commerce stores come with our fullfilment services right from the beginning. When someone purchases a product from your store, we pull that product from our warehouse shelves (preprinted stock) or print it on demand and package it, then ship it direct to your customer. If you want personalized shipping materials we can do that too! Your customer will only see your brand and have no clue it is coming from our warehouse and not you directly.

graphic design

 Don’t have an existing design ready to go? No worries! Our graphic artists can bring your vision to life! Our graphic design services are affordable too! Our standard Tshirt graphic design starts at $25. Need more than Tshirts and apparel products designed? Cool! Our designers are experienced in all forms of design from digital advertisements and websites to printed products such as letterhead, flyers, banners and business cards.

WHAT is IT Going to COST?

We understand that counting cost is part of doing business. We do it too! We try to keep our prices in line with what our high quality garments should cost, while still trying to keep at wholesale prices so our customers can re-sell their products they get from us. This being said, we are definitely not the cheapest in the area. If you are looking for the cheapest price, you should probably visit one of the other fine printers in the area. We have an overhead and the cost of doing business just like you do. What we also have, is the best process, customer service, and work ethic there is. If you want a premium quality product (no matter where it is in our good, better, best product line) at an affordable, but not cheap, price, we would love to help you with your project! We will gladly show you why we are worth the price we charge.


OUR most popular products & brands

Check out some of our most popular products and a little description of each! Below are some of our favorite brands to work with. Don’t see the brand or garment you like? Send us a message! Our wholesalers have thousands of products available to us. We promise we can find the right garments to make you look great!


gILDAN 5000

Gildan 3800 is a great starter T-shirt for those looking for a garment that is more economical. They are a little heavier weight made with 5.3oz 100% preshrunk cotton. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.


 Bella + Canvas 3001 is a great all around T-shirt. Usually the first shirt we recommend because it is retail quality without the retail price point. By far the most popular shirt we print on is the 3001. It is our standard. A little lighter weight at 4.2oz 100% preshrunk cotton. This shirt is very soft without breaking the budget. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.


 Next Level 3600 is another great all around tee. It is our second most printed shirt. It is on the same level as the 3001. We routinely recommend subbing this garment out if wholesaler’s stock is low on the 3001. 4.3oz 100% combed ring spun cotton. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.


The Bella + Canvas 3413 is a top of the line premium retail quality T-shirt. The soft feel of this shirt is impressive. If you have a clothing brand or want one of  the best for your employees this is it. 3.8oz triblend 50/25/25 polyester/ringspun cotton/rayon. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.


 Next Level 6010 is on top with their offering in the premium T-shirt market. The softness of this garment is unmatched. Best of the best quality. Make your brand or company stand out with this premium T-shirt! 4.2oz triblend 50/25/25 polyester/ringspun cotton/rayon. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.


Tultex 254 is an awesome choice for a premium tier T-shirt. It’s very soft feel will impress your customers. 3.7oz triblend 50/25/25 polyester/ringspun cotton/rayon. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.



The Bella + Canvas 3501 is our standard long sleeve T-shirt. It is a long sleeve version of the 3001. Great all around retail quality long sleeve tee that won’t break the budget! 4.2oz 100% ringspun cotton. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.


 Next Level 6071 is a long sleeve version of the 6010. The softness of this garment is unmatched. Best of the best quality. 4.3oz triblend 50/25/25 polyester/ringspun cotton/rayon. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.


Gildan 3800

The Gildan 3800 is our standard polo. Great all around polo that won’t break the budget! 6.3oz 100% preshrunk ringspun cotton. Unisex, women’s, and youth available.

Weatherproof 19714

 The Weatherproof (brand name) 19714 is a super premium polo. Extremely soft and very luxurious to the touch. Best of the best quality. This polo would be a top of the line polo that you want to make a statement with. 4.7oz 94/6 polyester/spandex. Men’s, women’s, available.


tultex 340

The Tultex 340 is one of the softest pullovers we have ever seen! Perfect for your retail customers or employees that you want to spoil a little. Great quality and a great price! 7.5oz 80/20 ringspun cotton/polyester. Unisex.

Bella + Canvas 3719

The Bella + Canvas 3719 hoodie is a great all around hoodie. It is our standard when a customer is budget conscious but still wants great quality and feel. 7oz 52/48 ringspun cotton/polyester. Unisex and youth available.


Independent SS4500 is a midweight hoodie and is our favorite premium hoodie. this sweatshirt has the best camo offering in a hoodie. 8.5oz 80/20 ringspun cotton/polyester. Unisex.



The Richardson 110 is one of the most iconic of trucker style hats. Legendary quality and many color combinations to choose from. If a trucker style type of hat is what you are looking for, look no further! 56/42/2 polyester/cotton/spandex. Unisex.

fLEXFIT 5001

The Flexfit 5001 is your best standard fit everyday ball cap. Premium quality and a solid choice if you are looking for a standard hat to please everyone. 98/2 cotton twill/spandex. Unisex.


The Bella + Canvas TT044 face mask is one of the most comfortable face masks on the market today! Made of premium materials, dual layer, tailored around nose and chin to ensure a face hugging fit. Great for your company branding while being comfortable enough to wear all day. Washable. 4.2oz 52/48 ringspun cotton/polyester. Unisex and youth available.



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